Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ganesh designs on vehicles - 1

These are some of the designs of Lord Ganesh that I have seen on vehicles and most of the photos are taken with my mobile camera.


  1. Namaskaram Yogesh Joshi
    Wonderfull again to you for making such a information web site about sri ganesha, there are so many temple of sri ganesha in india where many people doesnot know at all, please bring more and more such information of these temple and how to visit these places. Explore into deep ocean of sri ganesha who will defenitely going to help you in all way of your life.
    Rajan Ramakrishnan
    from Rajandraws

  2. Dear Rajan,
    What you mentioned about the Ganesh temples is correct. My intent behind starting this blog is to put all the possible information about Ganesh online. Thank you.