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Shri Navshya Ganapati, Anandvalli, Nashik

Shri Navshya Ganapati, Anandvalli, Nashik
The Navshya Ganapati Temple at Anandvalli in Nashik on Gangapur-Someshwar road and has history of around 300-400 years. The temple was built at the time of Peshvas. The Ganapati Idol is famous amongst its followers as 'Navashya' because it is said that he grants all wishes of anyone who comes to him, Ganapati answers to the offerings in prayers ('navas') and thousands of followers have experienced this act of god.

In the year 1774 Raghoba Peshava and his wife Anandibai built this temple. Shreemant Madhavrao Peshve and Matoshri Gopikabai were also devotees of Shri Navshya Ganapati.

On 15th August 1764, Raghoba Peshava and his wife Anandibai had a son who was named Vinayak. On that day the village was named Anandvalli and work started for building the temple. The temple is situated on the banks of river Godavari.

The idol is very attractive and its eyes are very lively.

Raghoba Peshava also constructed a palace at Anandvalli. In year 1818 the palace was destroyed by British Empire however the temples were untouched.


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