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Anegudde Ganesh, Kumbhashi

Anegudde Ganesh, Kumbhashi
Anegudde Ganesh, Kumbhashi
Anegudde is a village in the Kundapura taluq of Udupi district, India. The village is also known as 'Kumbashi' or 'Kumbhashi'. Here, Lord Ganapathi is also called, ‘Siddhi Vinakaya’ and ‘Sarva Siddhi Pradaayaka’, the provider of all boons. People come here with all kinds of wishes. The Lord Vinayaka here is said to fulfill all the wishes of his devotees.

The main sanctum enshrines the magnificent image of Lord Vinayaka, resplendent in silver armor, in a standing posture. The image of Lord Vinayaka is represented with four hands, out of which two are 'Varada Hasta' signifying his preference to grant boons. Two hands point to his feet, as a means to salvation.

Anegudde is considered one of the seven 'mukti sthalas' in coastal Karnataka (Parashurama kshetra). Here Ganapati is viewed as a form of Vishnu.

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