Monday, September 9, 2013

Ganesh in Talakadu

Vijaya Ganapati carved on the wall of the Vaidyeshvara Temple
Vijaya Ganapati, Vaidyeshvara Temple, Talakadu.

Ganesh in Maruleshwara Temple
Ganesh in Maruleshwara Temple, Talakadu
Talakadu is a desert-like town on the left bank of the Kaveri river at a spot where the river makes a sharp bend. It is 45 km from Mysore and 133 km from Bangalore in Karnataka, India.

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to All! 

We worship the unborn, unchanging,
formless, the one beyond bliss and full of bliss,
who is the fullness of non-duality, the supreme,
devoid of qualities, without differences, and
beyond desire, Shri Ganesha, the Supreme
Brahman personified.
We worship the one beyond the gunas, the
embodiment of bliss consciousness, the light of
consciousness, the all-pervading, who is the
source, course, and goal of knowledge, whom
the sages meditate upon, who is formless as
akasha, the highest Lord, Shri Ganesha, the
Supreme Brahman personified.

May Lord Ganesh bless all with happiness and prosperity. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Shri Varasiddhi Vinayak, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore

Shri Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy
Shri Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy

This Ganesha is from the Shri Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy Temple, on West of Chord Road, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore. This temple is near the metro railway station (still under construction) at the Mahalakshmi Layout entrance. Constructed in 1991, this temple is very famous in the Rajaji Nagar area.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Silver Ganesha

Saw this Ganesha in one of the restaurant in Banashankari area, Bangalore.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Karyasiddhi Mahaganapati

Karya Siddhi Mahaganapati, Bangalore.

Karyasiddhi Magaganapati temple is on the West of Chord Road, Bhovipalya, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA. Ganapati here is considered to be fulfilling wishes of his devotees.

This temple was built in 2006 and is maintained by Vinayak Bhakta Mandali.

Meaning of Karyasiddhi -
Karya - even though Karya means 'Work', in this context it is used to represent the Desires or Wishes of devotees; Siddhi - means fulfilled.